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  • Success in handmade furniture and traditional crafts

    Charlie Marshall freely admits that hates shopping – hence the story of how he got so frustrated when he was trying to buy a new bed that he decided to set up his own company to make the experience less stressful, and went on to sell beautiful, well-designed handmade furniture essentials online through a website …

  • How to Buy Great Souvenirs

    We’ve all received souvenirs from friends and family members who return from their great vacations that honestly make us wish they’d forgotten to bring us anything at all. How to Buy Great Souvenirs? Here are some ideas for original wooden souvenirs. Sometimes, you’d prefer that they’d actually bought something that says, “My friend went to …

  • Stockholm Scandinavian Designer About Creativity

    Scandinavian Designer About Creativity

    Scandinavian designer Eva Levinn is the designer of brand Scandinaviaform. Her products has been getting great reviews, and lately she has focused a lot on re-design and working with leftover materials from different factories. „I studied law, but I never practised and I‘ve always studied design in different ways. While studying law I also took courses …

  • Norway Design Oslo

    Norway Design

    Landing at Oslo airport is an experience Norway design in itself – the Norwegian capital boasts a spectacular location between the sea and the forests, the fjords and the mountains. Oslo begins where the famous ski jumping hill Holmenkollbakken sits enthroned on the slopes above the city. Anybody catching the tram from the centre of …

  • Designing Home

    Designing Home with Passion

    Designing home and building with passion, Dwell Homes is no stranger to crafting interesting and tactile homes with a difference. Here we meet Lena Doull, the creator of their beautiful interiorshoodie. “What the most important consideration when it comes to our homes and interiors? Proportion!” “My style is always developing. I am constantly inspired by materials …

  • Danish designer lights

    Danish Designer Lights

    Danish designer lights are very popular in warm interiors. As we know, Danish design associates with wood. But talent of Danish designers lets to use another materials. Considered one of the leading designers of her generation, Cecile Manz lives by the philosophy that function is essential. In 2005 Danish industrial designer Cecilie Manz designed a …

  • Treetop walking path in Lithuania

    Treetop Walking Path in Lithuania

    A few impressions from treetop walking path in Anykščiai. It’s a resort town in Lithuania with nice nature. Lithuanians so love wood as decided to build walking path up to 21 meters high for better exploring treetops. The object is located in the famous Anykščiai Pinewood is the only treetop walking path in Baltic states and Eastern Europe. …

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