Wooden brooches from oakOak brooches

Oak Brooches

Brooches from Oak. Inspired by an old oak power.

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scarf rings woodenscarf rings wooden

Scarf Rings

Find the best selection of wooden scarf rings! It's a simple and graceful accessory for scarf lovers.

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cup coastersCup coasters

Cup Coasters

Cup coasters for home decoration and furniture protection. Made from Baltic birch plywood.

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Wooden ash broochesAsh brooches

Ash Brooches

Brooches from hardwood Ash. Unique wood grain and beauty.

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Find the best selection of wooden scarf rings! If you are a scarf or shawl wearer, you’ll love this decorative clothes accessory. These wooden scarves rings are designed for a linen, silky, woolen, knitted or other fabric kerchiefs and scarfs. Scarf buckle is a simple and graceful accessory that can make a good look.

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